Doctor’s Notes

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Sophie Morris reporting at You Don't Have to Feel the Pain Magic pills let us float in blissful comfort while the medics do all the worrying. Sophie Morris meets an expert anaesthetist and author of Counting Backwards Henry Jay Przybylo Read more at:...

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Cool Science Radio

On yesterday's show, KPCW's John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek spike with me about the science of the most common but most mysterious procedure in medicine.  For many of the 40 million Americans who undergo anesthesia each year, it is the source of great fear and...

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WATCH: Chicago Tonight

“I erase consciousness, deny memories, steal time, immobilize the body.” “Counting Backwards: A Doctor’s Notes on Anesthesia” delves into the field’s history, the relationship between patients and their doctors, and the ongoing mystery surrounding much of how...

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